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Local gastronomy restaurant

The real taste of Éislek

Suggestions of the moment:

Plate 0 km: Venison steak, Saint-Hubert sauce - €26.00
Vegetarian tartiflette with Hupperdange cheese - €17.00

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Our passionate chefs

Didier and Ovidiu

Taste and creativity. Didier, chef at Cornelyshaff for years, is betting everything on taste! French gastronomy no longer holds many secrets for him. Its sauces and cuts of meat are always prepared to perfection. Ovidiu joined Didier for the reopening of Cornelyshaff. Formerly chef at the Robbesscheier, he brings to the kitchen a touch of creativity and madness necessary to always amaze you.


The Inn's playground is a boon for families. From the terrace, you can watch your children playing freely on the playground. Outside of kitchen hours, we still offer hot and cold snacks and our assortments of regional ice creams to enjoy the area all day long.

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