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Thomas Widowski, brasseur

Ourdaller Brewery

The heart of Cornelyshaff


100% local beers

In 2001, a group of local farmers came up with the idea of ​​enhancing their local production of cereals by creating a micro-brewery. Five years later, the Simon brewery, based in Wiltz, successfully took up the torch.

Ourdaller beers are today the only "high fermentation" beers in the country, resolutely artisanal and local beers, since the cereals still come from the cultures of the Our Natural Park.

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The Wäissen

The Wäissen has a taste of Oktober Fest! Lovers of Bavarian beers will find their pleasure here!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This special wheat beer is top fermentation and unfiltered. It has 5.5% alcohol content and is part of the “Weizenbier” category. More distinctive and full-bodied, it appeals to amateurs who "want their mouths full".

The Wëllen

For Belgian beer lovers! The Wëllen is indeed similar to the neighboring special beers!

A special high fermentation, unfiltered beer, it owes its particular taste to the buckwheat which complements the barley malt in its original recipe. Amber and containing 6.0% alcohol. Buckwheat comes from a culture close to the producing brewery (Heinerscheid, in the north of Luxembourg.)

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The Hannah

The latest of the Ourdaller beers, flavored with hemp, the well-known plant from the north of the country.

Special high fermentation, unfiltered beer. Golden and containing 4.8% alcohol, it surprises with the particular taste of hemp, which is cultivated close to the Ourdaller Brauerei, in northern Luxembourg by the Eilenbecker farm.

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The Karel

Who doesn't appreciate the smell of fresh bread coming out of the oven? Created from rye, Karel will allow you to have this olfactory sensation.

High fermentation and unfiltered, the combination of rye and barley malt makes it smooth and round.

With 5% alcohol, its golden amber color will make you want more. The rye comes from an organic farm in northern Luxembourg (Fischbach farm in Enscherange).

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